Founded in 1965, Hawai‘i Pacific University has grown to become the state’s leading private, non-profit university, with a student population of nearly 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students from all 50 states and 65 countries around the world. USA Today has named Hawai‘i Pacific University the most diverse university in the nation.

As an international learning community set in the rich cultural context of Hawai‘i, Hawai‘i Pacific University’s innovative undergraduate and graduate programs anticipate the changing needs of the community and prepare our graduates to live, work, and learn as active members of a global society. Hawai‘i Pacific University prides itself on maintaining strong academic programs, small class sizes, individual attention to students, and a diverse faculty and student population.

Hawai‘i Pacific University’s faculty, staff, students, and university community embrace a set of core values as representative of the spiritual, ethical, and philosophical principles that support our community, as well as of the ideals to which we collectively aspire.

As they are firmly rooted in Hawai‘i’s host culture, we express them in Hawaiian and English:

Pono, meaning righteous, honest and moral, and an energy of necessity. Within the Hawai‘i Pacific University community, it also stands for truth and ethics, trust and respect, civility, transparency, gratitude, acceptance and purposefulness.

Kuleana, meaning responsibility and rights and concern for all interests, property and people. Within the Hawai‘i Pacific University community, it also stands for sustainable, student focused, value added, academically rigorous, state of the art, promoting stewardship and shared governance.

Aloha, meaning hello, goodbye, love, kindness and grace, unity, humility, patience and waiting for the right moment. Within the Hawai‘i Pacific University community, it also stands for shared goals, collaboration, decisiveness, discipline, maintaining a culture of accomplishment, and valuing university communities.