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The Aloha Tower Marketplace is the place to live your life. Enjoy the spirit of the iconic Aloha Tower at the edge of downtown Honolulu. The Marketplace proudly integrates Hawai‘i 2050 sustainability goals as a place to live, work and play.

Aloha Tower stands as a welcoming beacon for visitors traveling to O‘ahu, and the Marketplace similarly reflects a place of diversity, welcoming everyone. Come and enjoy the spirit of Aloha at the historic Honolulu Harbor.

Aloha Tower Marketplace’s second floor has been transformed into the Waterfront Lofts: modern, urban loft spaces for Hawai‘i Pacific University students, establishing a robust residential community within the complex.

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HPU is transforming into a world-class urban campus in the heart of Hawai‘i’s business community. HPU’s location in urban Honolulu encourages active, experiential learning that directly connects students with the organizations and people who are making a difference in Hawai‘i and beyond. Our revitalization of Aloha Tower Marketplace brings new life to this iconic destination.

Combining vibrant new student living spaces with enhanced learning facilities, Aloha Tower Marketplace will be an anchor for Hawai‘i Pacific University’s educational activities, as well as serve as a gathering space for the entire community to enjoy at the center of Honolulu’s growing intellectual and cultural scene. Learn more about Aloha Tower’s history here.

As a dynamic centerpiece of Hawai‘i Pacific University’s downtown presence and a unique place for the community to come and learn, Aloha Tower Marketplace is the ideal location to convene a business meeting or corporate seminar.

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Aloha Tower Marketplace is Honolulu’s newest community gathering space. Located on historic Honolulu Harbor at the edge of downtown Honolulu, it is the ideal venue for your next attention-getting wedding, birthday party, or other celebration. Make panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean the picture-perfect backdrop for your next social event. Book your event at Aloha Tower now.

We are assembling a slate of exciting dining options that will make Aloha Tower Marketplace the perfect place for a quick snack or relaxing meal, whether it is a business lunch, family dinner, or romantic sunset getaway. Aloha Tower Marketplace is a place to connect with friends, family and coworkers.

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